Beta Chi Theta was founded and colonized as Xi Colony at the University of Houston on December 20, 2009 by 15 young men. The groundwork for Beta Chi Theta was built on its primary principle of Brotherhood. Further principles include Tradition, Service to Humanity, promoting South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and striving to create a unified Nationwide Network. Each Chapter and Colony aim to fulfill the goals and ideologies set forth by Beta Chi Theta. Through various events and projects, each Chapter and Colony not only help ensure our Fraternity’s success, but also help each individual brother succeed in their own lives. Beta Chi Theta provides young students with the opportunity to be involved in leadership positions. Each Chapter is responsible for the success and expansion of their organization. Real life skills such as managing a budget, running an effective meeting, action plan development, goal setting, forecasting, and decision making are learned and improved by each Brother of Beta Chi Theta. These skills will help each member in the future as they enter the job market. Our Greek men are involved in an array of campus activities, they are visible campus leaders, and are the most enthusiastic supporters of University events. As we continue to expand our membership, our brothers have a unique opportunity to attain a high position in the fraternity, where they will directly influence decisions that will guide the direction of our organization. Beta Chi Theta continues to cultivate and mold men who have and will become the leaders in their business’, community, government, workplace, and academia.


As one of the pillars of Beta Chi Theta, Service to Humanity is a main aspect of this Grand Fraternity and taken into serious account all around the nation. We believe that it is one of our most important duties to uphold service and to help in whichever way possible. At the moment, at the national level, we are working on choosing a National Philanthropy which all the chapters and colonies will support and work alongside the individual projects taken by each branch. Beta Chi Theta firmly believes in providing service where service is necessary, and not merely convenient. At the Xi Colony, we have chosen to direct our work and services towards an area affecting most South Asians. Our Philanthropy involves the awareness of Malnutrition & Orphans around the world. Just to be informed about how this really affects us: - Well over 500million people are living in what the World Bank has called “absolute poverty” in Asian, African, and Latin American countries. - Every year 15million children die of hunger - The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is underfed, and one-third is starving. Since you’ve entered this site, at least 200 people have died of starvation and over 4 million will die by the end of this year. - The Indian subcontinent includes nearly half the percentage of the world’s hungry people. - In 2001, every 65 million out of 993 million children in Asia are Orphans. Since the spring of 2010, the Brothers at the University of Houston have continued showing their support and efforts to serve to those affected by malnutrition and to those who are homeless. We focus on providing food and charity to those who need it and offer our services through participation at the Houston Food Bank, PBS Kids, and SEWA International. As our foundations grow solid at the colony, we hope to receive more contributions and reach out further to those in need.






The Brothers of Beta Chi Theta Xi Colony @ The University of Houston is hosting it’s SPRING ’13 ZETA CLASS RUSH!

Event Schedule:
Informational Session 1

Mon. Feb 4th | 7:30 PM | University Center
Buffalo Wild Wings with the Brothers
Tue. Feb 5th | 7:30 PM | 3651 Weslayan Street 77027
Game Night with the Ladies of Sigma Sigma Rho
Wed. Feb 6th | 7:00 PM | Meet at UC Steps
Brotherhood BBQ
Thur. Feb 7th| 7:00 PM | Meet at UC Steps
Hang out w/ Brothers & Clean Water Service Event
Fri. Feb 8th | 2:30 PM | Meet at UC Steps
Hookah Night with the Ladies of Delta Phi Omega
Sat. Feb 9th | 9:00 PM | Cafe Layal Midtown
Informational Session 2
Sun. Feb 10th | 7:30 PM | University Center

In the spring of 1999, eight young men had a vision to create a Social Fraternity in California steeped in South Asian culture. The inspiration for Beta Chi Theta was the embodiment of the bond of Brotherhood those eight shared with one another. Months of diligent, dedicated, and passionate efforts laid the groundwork for Beta Chi Theta, most notably the six pillars upon which this grand fraternity proudly stands. Built upon the keystone of Brotherhood, the other five pillars of this fraternity are Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network.
On June 2nd, 1999, the University of California Los Angeles recognized Beta Chi Theta as an official fraternity and granted it membership into its Interfraternity Council. While the inception of the fraternity began months prior to June 2nd, 1999, that date was chosen as the official Founding Date to commemorate the establishment of Beta Chi Theta, becoming the first and only South Asian Fraternity to be a part of the Interfraternity Council.

The Brothers of Beta Chi Theta here at U of H strive to create a “home away from home” for its members. Brothers create strong bonds with each other by working towards common goals, enjoying campus life, and creating friendships that last forever. Brotherhood is the foremost principle and foundation of Beta Chi Theta and is held above all else. Starting with our eight founding fathers, Beta Chi Theta has quickly grown to include brothers across the entire country. And as each semester passes, the number of Brothers quickly grows larger. We hope to continue the level of excellence that our brotherhood demonstrates in the future and retain our position as the premier South Asian fraternity in the nation.

Contact Ashish Panjvany 832.202.5285 or any brother of Beta Chi Theta for questions or concerns. Transportation for events can be provided if necessary.

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